Sunday, October 18, 2015

There IS such a thing as goodness and decency in the world!

As told by Matthew Morris on his personal experience tonight:

"People always say there's no such thing as goodness or decency in the world anymore. 

Earlier tonight when my family was driving home, a car in front of us was t-boned by a man who ran a red-light. The car skidded all the way up to the sidewalk. 

Immediately our whole family jumped out of the car and ran to see if the people in the wrecked car were okay. While we did that, a gentleman from nearby who witnessed the crash sprinted over to help as well. The 3 people in the car were, thankfully, not injured severely, but were in shock and very hysterical. While my mother and the other man talked to the victims to keep them calm, a woman came over and called 911, and her husband helped my brother and I clear the wreckage off the road. The paramedics showed up and helped the people to safety and took them to the hospital. While what happened was frightening and disturbing to see, the way those other people acted was amazing. 

They acted calmly and graciously and went out of their way to help the people in the accident when they could have gone about their business. 

Yeah, there is a lot of bad in the world, but that situation reminded me that there damn well still is good as well. Sorry for the essay status, but I wanted to share that, because those people made my day."

To that, we say: 
There IS goodness and decency in the world...
and if you can't see it!

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