Monday, October 19, 2015

Suicide prevention...being better humans

This is really important for students, parents, grandparents, friends, relatives, strangers, everyone... 'people need to be validated.' BE KIND ALWAYS.

¿QuĂ© hubieran hecho ustedes?
Posted by Benshorts on martes, 18 de agosto de 2015
Who would dare to tell another person that their life is valueless? We need to be better at people-ing.
Let others know that you care, and let them know MORE OFTEN than you think is necessary. Sometimes we feel it so much that we just assume we are saying it, too. Let other people know they exist. Don't see through them. See them. Take them into consideration. Hold doors, defend injustice, seek peace, offer a seat next to you, SMILE! No one should feel useless or unloved or put down or non-existent to the point where he or she no longer sees value in his or her own life. 
Sometimes it's hard to see that value can help.
Be the change. 

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