Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Peru: Shedding Light

The South America country of Peru is electric...really!

The government has invested millions of dollars and not on their politics, or government officials and not on their major political donors, but instead on "the poorest of the poor."

"Why?" might you ask...well, the government cares about the health and safety of their people, they care about the health and safety of their environment, and they care so much that they were willing to invest in their people AND their environment by buying and installing, at no cost, photovoltaic panels to harness the solar energy that is so prevalent on this planet to produce much-needed energy for the country's underprivileged.  Not only do they need electricity to power their lives, but their current fuel comes from oil/gas which is ├╝ber-harmful to human health and respiration.

The author challenges developed countries to take a stand like this, for the environment and for citizens...asking why CAN'T this be the norm?

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