Saturday, September 6, 2014


My grandmother used to read the book "Go Dog, Go" to us every time we stayed at her house.  We loved it.  This 30 second clip reminds me not only of her, but also to live with the joy of this pup...

Joy is within reach if we focus on our goals (like he does).  It's how we see it, the path we take to it, and what we do with what we have that really allow us to enjoy our successes in these aspects of our lives.  Finally, it's the attitude we demonstrate in our actions that express out gratefulness.

Today, I challenge you to live like Walter.  If you have a goal, work on it.  Find the most direct path and push yourself.  Find joy and let your ears flap in the wind with every progressive step you take!  Let the little things bring you happiness :)

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