Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Friday on the bus...

It's Friday.

It seems that were all running late as a unit.  I saw my bus pass this morning a block before I reached the stop and I pondered "do I run today?"  I could make it (I'd done it before and from a farther distance).  I didn't bother to answer my own question today. I slowed my pace (unusual for me, which you know already if you're familiar with my race walking habit) and moseyed down the street.

Today, I have time.  It's no more time than any other day but sometimes it's good to take a moment (or ten while waiting for the next bus) to recognize the time you have and how you want to use it.  The day is fresh, chilly, and cloudy with a chance of sun bursting through or a downpour...I choose to hope for sun and I have my glasses hanging from my shirt just in case.  I chose to take my time today and unwind.

In doing so I found more open seats and it gave me some strange joy to share in the lateness of the commuters that shared this bus.  A tap on the door as the driver waits at a red light, fumbling for  tickets, distressed hair...this is me almost every day but today...

It's Friday, after all.

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