Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never Forget

On this, the anniversary of a terrible day in American History, let us remember not to forget:

To be thankful EVERY day for what we have:
The loved ones
The rescue workers (that we hopefully never have a need for)
The friends that share in our pain and suffering and also in our joy and triumphs
Food, clothing and a roof over our heads.
A place to call home, wherever that may be.

That the suffering of one day need not last a lifetime; the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

That this tragedy is a microcosm of a global problem...but more importantly, the problem has the potential for change.

On a day when it could be so easy for many to be hateful...choose, instead, to honor those who suffered, who died, who have fought (on both sides of the battle lines), choose to respect yourself and others by loving instead of becoming bitter and cold...choose a little more kindness...a little more love... because we must never forget:
There's always room for a little more love in this world.

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