Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mitch Hedberg...share the joy!

Mitch Hedberg.  He died the same day as Pope John Paul II.  I remember this because I was at a Catholic University at the time and it felt like everyone was going nuts like it was the end of the world. I realized later that it was sad because he is said to have been one of the best Popes in terms of his love for humanity.  Given what I know about the current Pope, Francis, I might be willing to imagine that I'll feel the way people did at school the day JPII passed, but anyways...Mitch Hedberg.

He was definitely NOT the pope.  He was a drinker, and was addicted to drugs, and unfortunately, the latter was the demise of him.  This post, though, is great because it's a link to a list of contributions that the guy gave to the world.  He was a comedian.  He took the everyday and pointed out the joy and humor in it.  He was actually a brilliant mind and I think when you can combine intelligence and use it to make people laugh at themselves and the daily things that you'd otherwise completely overlook, then you're doing something right.  For example, whenever I take the escalator, I giggle a little;

"Why do they block the escalator when it isn't running?  
They should leave it open and just put a sign next to it.  
'Escalator...temporarily stairs...sorry for the convenience.'"

So, if you want to see the world a little differently, take a look at some of his top jokes (according to Buzzfeed).  And if you're someone that thinks like Mitch and can find something humorous in the otherwise hum-drum of daily life, please share it.

I think making people laugh and smile is one of the greatest gifts out there.  
Be the change!  We all need a little more joy in our lives!

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