Monday, March 31, 2014

Boomers and their Babies

Having recently left a position where there was nearly zero collaboration between the Millennials and the Baby Boomers (or maybe they were the parents of the Boomers...what does that make them?  Or maybe they were in-between...and that might explain why they felt so lost and angry (they wanted a cool nickname group to belong to?), and also coming under fire (seemingly constantly) about my own off-the-beaten-path life, it has become blatantly obvious that with each year comes a new set of people who are exactly different enough from the ones before them to make their relationships dangerous.

...Multiply this times the number of years between the Boomers and their babies, and you've got chaos...but only if you let it be.

I think understanding one another is half the battle...or more...probably much more, in fact, because I think understanding might be the best we'll be able to do between these two polar vortexes and I think even that could be considered a huge accomplishment.  For now, I yield to someone who has done a fine job of explaining some niceties about the Boomers and Gen Y and really bundles us together into a nice tasty wrap that we could probably all agree has some flavor worth trying.  Enjoy!

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