Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jim Kelly: A Beautiful Example of Shining Hope

I posted an article back at the beginning of March but in light of recent events I feel like this is an important one worth re-posting.  My friends and Buffalo Bills fans everywhere are mourning the death of 95-year-old Buffalo Bills owner, Ralph Wilson, for whom the Bills' stadium in Orchard Park, NY is named, while Jim Kelly, about whom the original post below is written, has just been moved to a New York City Hospital after finding out that his cancer has not only returned but is spreading. 

Don't be sad.  Be thankful.  

Today, Bills fans can share their memories with other fans and gloat about their team's incredible owner and his dedication to a team even when it wasn't winning and a city, even when it was down and out.  And we can all learn more from Jim Kelly, like the previous post explains:

Jim Kelly, former all-star quarterback of the Buffalo Bills NFL team, including leading them to four straight Super Bowl Championship games, has seen things most of us probably only have nightmares about.  It seems, though, that this nearly bionic man must have been born with a heart made of stainless steel and a smile etched on his face, because despite his many upsets, brushes with death, disappointments, and mind-numbing sadness due to major losses...he still motivates other people and gives them hope, and fights to make things better instead of sitting on his laurels and groveling in self-pity.  You might say it'd be easier to be so hopeful when you're sitting on a pile of money that any NFL football star is bound to have amounted in his years, but the reality is, when a person has been through what Jim Kelly has, there is no amount of money that can "fix" it...and that's why he's such a inspiration.  He reminds us of our humanity, and of our own power to be the change we wish to see in the world.  He is a shining example of hope and change and I'm glad to share this ESPN article with you if you are feeling down or defeated.  You cannot be defeated by anyone or anything other than yourself.

If you've got a heartbeat in your chest and oxygen in your lungs
...keep living!  
Find your passions.

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