Saturday, February 27, 2016

While some people are talking about building up walls...

...others have been using them as a tradition since 1979 of unity between two nations.  

Along the southwest border of the United States, where a wall separates it from its neighbor to the south, Mexico, there are people who don't see the wall as a way to divide humanity, but a way to promote humanity.  They see the wall and they say, "how can we use this to connect with people that we're told not to connect with?"  The answer since '79 has been Wallyball...and it's exactly what it sounds like: volleyball over the international border wall between the U.S. and Mexico!

Every April, teams unite on both sides of the border to compete across the wall as a sign of friendship and joint condemnation of the division of people.  These people recognize the importance of keeping strong ties between their friends and neighbors, even when the powers-that-be don't share or promote the same logic and/or emotional connections.

When we see each other as humans, when we connect over our love of fun and sports, we are olympians.  We are champions of the world and of humanity.  We say "walls are objects, but we see you as humans, like us, and we appreciate and acknowledge you and your struggles and your triumphs." 

What a beautiful demonstration of continuous friendship and playful rivalry over an object meant to divide, that only makes the people who REALLY understand it, grow closer.

Be the change, wherever you may be!

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