Friday, February 26, 2016

Puppies and Reading

What's better than a puppy?

Well, for parents, seeing their kids learn to read is a huge thing...that may or may not trump puppies. 

In the case of an animal shelter in Missouri, though, we can get the bet of both worlds!

The director of education a the Missouri Humane Society explains that many shelter pets are very timid and are not very social, which can make it difficult when they have to impress potential new families who may consider adopting them.

 How does this fulfill a parent's dream of seeing their children read? The humane society has teamed up with local children who are interested in helping with the animals. These kids go through an educational program where they learn about shelter animals and their socialization and they are then paired up with a pup. They practice their reading skills by sitting in front of the dog kennel and reading out loud to them, sharing the photos from the picture-books, and giving treats to any dogs that come out of their shell and approach the front of their kennel. The kennel director explains that dogs that are confident in coming to the front of their kennel are more approachable and more adoptable than timid dogs.

So kids learn to read and practice reading out loud to scared puppies to make them friendly and happy puppies which make them more likely to be adopted by a happy and loving family.

Everyone wins? Absolutely!
Two paws up! Read on, world-changers!

See the original story and photos of these interactions here.

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