Friday, March 27, 2015

Women. Menstruation. Read it.

Read this article then come back.

Her words are awesome because, even though I admittedly am not generally thinking about what she is mentioning, she's TOTALLY right!! And when I actually DO think about it, it IS offensive and wrong that women are treated as dirty and unclean when they have their periods. Even the word makes people angry sometimes and sparks remarks like "gross" and "I don't need to hear about this... LALALA" (and by "people, I generally mean men, because the other half of the planet is USED to it). But the media hypes over-sexualized versions of women (and men) half naked (FULLY naked)...and while that's natural, too, so is a period.  

period. period. period. menstruation.  
GOSH. Now go check out the site for that girl's project and share this post.

This is real life. And it's natural. And it is why human LIFE can exist (unless you don't believe in the science of procreation in which case you have some other major issue which you should probably come back to my blog for some help on).  

Science exists. Women exist. Periods exist...
all of these things so that humanity can exist.  
Deal with it.

*drops mic*

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