Thursday, March 26, 2015

Little Polka Dot Bikinis...and the cultural norm

I couldn't have said it better! I just saw this incredible blog post by a girl named Jenny Trout basically taking on whatever came her way as a heavy woman who wanted to (and DID) wear a bikini to the beach (albeit freezing cold at a lake)! She's to the point, hilarious, and completely honest. I love it because it translates beyond the "fat vs. skinny" societal crazy and really attacks the cultural norms that we've come to accept and even uphold despite the fact that the "cultural norm" actually isn't quite normal at all! As she mentions, we have begun upholding this idea of "this is perfect, and everything else is not" when the reality is most of us don't fit those "standards" that we have been accepting and projecting.

 So, good on you, Jenny Trout! Thanks for reminding us that what's culturally normal is exactly what we are and that being ourselves, and being comfortable in our own skin (and whatever clothes we choose to wear) is of the utmost importance! 

Get inspired, people! Believe in you!

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