Saturday, December 20, 2014

When speech is gone, music speaks.

When speech is gone, music speaks.

Religion is about teachings.  Being religious, is about connecting with people in positivity and hope.

Naomi Feil is a Jewish woman who uses music to communicate with Alzheimer's patients.  In this video, she sings Christian hymns to connect to one of her patients who is an at advanced stage of Alzheimer's that has rendered her mute for years...except when she feels safe and connected with others as you can see in this video.  This is what Naomi calls "the breakthrough."  

What a beautiful light of hope this woman is, not only for families that struggle with Alzheimer's in their own relationships, but also for Alzheimer's patients, who must suffer a great deal as they lose their memories and their physical abilities with the progression of the disease.  She is also a great example of a religious person whom we should seek to emulate, using the positive teachings that we have learned in order to create a better world for ALL people, no matter THEIR religious teachings being different from our own.  

This left me breathless.  Thank you for being the light in the darkness, Naomi.  Just beautiful!

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