Friday, April 25, 2014

Soul exercises...

I have a friend who lifts me up daily with her wonderful life quotes and lessons and encouragement by positing them for the "public" and I'm not sure she realizes what a huge impact her small posts can have on others.  So here's my post, to tell her, that her posts make a differene.  And in honor of her constantly positive awesome posts, I will share the most recent:

A great reminder, posted by a friend in the form of a quote:

"You really can't begin to know how spectacular you are or how much you are capable of or how strong and brave the depth of your soul is. Because we all understandably see things from such a limited and incomplete point of view, because we haven't learned everything we need to learn yet, it is hard to see that things that feel like failures or roadblocks or hardships are the very things that exercise our soul muscles and keep us in top shape to be able to live out our beautiful and constantly progressing potential.

Life would be so sad and so boring if there were never any wonderful and sometimes painful and difficult opportunities for growth. It is in the growing and the changing and the stretching and the soul exercise that the biggest joys come.

Keep your head up. Keep sweatin' through the soul lunges. You are spectacularly fit for the challenge, you really are. 

You can do this."

Thanks Mitalee D!
(for this and ALL of your uplifting posts)

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