Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Don't apologize for being who you are.  Don't worry that you were "too" you or not calm enough or too naive or too bold or too blonde or too tall or short or too crazy.  Don't say you're sorry when you're blamed for being yourself.  It's not blame; it's you.  And you don't need to apologize for being you.  Avoid hurting the feelings of others but do not sacrifice your own self worth or well-being to do so.  Don't tell lies.  Seek the truth always.  It's in the best interest of everyone.  Be wildly and courageously you.  Love.  Seek peace and promote it wherever you can.  Demand respect and give it to everyone you encounter, whether they are deserving or not.  Be you and do not apologize.  You are the only one that exists.  You are a masterpiece of brokenness.  A unique one.  No two are alike.  You are special.  Exist in the way that only you can.  Let life flow through you.  Be a siren of happiness.  Be a light in the darkness for others.  While you are a beacon, do not lose your own way.  Be steady, be strong, know yourself.  There is no one more important in your life than yourself.  Those that depend on you need you to be at your best, so care for yourself first.  Those that don't think they need you may find that your influence changes their lives in unexpected ways.  Keep dreaming.  Keep doing.  Keep creating and inventing and working and pushing and evolving.  You WILL find a way.  You WILL change the world.  You will be the best you that anyone has ever seen...and it will be incredible.

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