Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Helping Others": The Meaning of Christmas

"Philly," a homeless man in Louisiana, set up a tree which was then taken away by the city.  

When people in the area heard what had happened, they brought trees, decorations, and gifts (to put under the new trees).  There were so many trees that Philly gave them away to a women's shelter that didn't have any.  He also said that the gifts people brought were for anyone who needed them.  In addition to the gifts that people donated, Philly said he was most impressed that people were giving each other hugs.  When asked what Christmas means to him, Philly already knew exactly how to respond: Helping Others.  Philly, you are an inspiration and you represent the true meaning of Christmas.  Thank you to Philly and all of the people who reached out to him to share Christmas cheer with their community during this holiday season!

If that isn't a story of hope, community, and love...well then I don't know what is.  Happy Holidays!

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