Friday, February 6, 2015

Letter to a Stranger...

When I wrote my 30x30 list just over 2 years ago, lucky number 13 on my list was

"10 letters to strangers."  

At the time I wrote that, I had no idea what it meant.  I didn't know how you go about writing to strangers.  Do you look them up in the phonebook and just choose one?  Is there a "strangers needing letters" website somewhere?  Do you just choose an organization to write to a soldier or an inmate to offer some words of solace and encouragement?  I didn't know.

I had some ideas about it when I shared my 30x30 list on this blog last December, but I never wrote those letters.  They are still on my "possibilities" list for my letters to strangers.

Today, though, I realized why I even had a "possibilities" list...I was waiting for the reason that I had written that on my 30x30 list without even knowing what it meant.  Today I learned that my stranger's name is Bubby Everson.  He's turning 9 years old this week and he lives in Washington State, USA.  He has a lot of really tough issues that he is battling -- not one of which I'd wish on anyone -- but he doesn't seem too concerned with the problems, and instead just enjoys the life he has.  His parents are young and loving and caring.  They were on an interview in their local town and they said that Bubby's birthday wish is to get mail, because he LOVES receiving mail. I saw my stranger.  I've written a letter to him on neon colored notecards and it's in an envelope addressed to his very own P.O. Box for the occasion!

My hope is that I can write to Bubby multiple times, maybe even from different locations so he gets stamps from different cities (and not just on his birthday).  Maybe my ten letters are actually to one stranger...or to a stranger and his family.  All I can tell you is, I didn't put him on a "possibilities" list.

If you'd like to send a birthday card to Bubby, too, you can send it to the following address:

Bubby Everson
PO BOX 1142
Graham, Washington 98338

To see the news broadcast and the original article that I saw, click here.

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