Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Don't be a monkey...

We may have evolved from monkeys but the key here is evolved. We have the capacity to control ourselves, to reason, to communicate and to know the difference between right and wrong.

While I an an animal enthusiast, one thing I am not is a person who easily accepts or gives excuses.  I hate the " man is an animal therefore he (or she) acts like a pig sometimes. No. Pigs act like pigs because they are. We don't roll in mud or live as one with nature so no, saying that when we treat one another badly is human nature is absolutely an unacceptable excuse for a lack of thought, respect, or is blatantly disrespectful or violent toward our fellow humans and our natural environment.

So when you see someone struggling, lift them up even though you're feeling dejected.  If you are climbing to the top and there are enough bananas to share with everyone and still to save for yourself, do it.  I'd almost argue that in nature, animals are often if not always more humane than humans.

Let's make a change.  Lift someone up today.  Give something to someone that can't return the favor right now.

 You never imagine how quickly tables can turn and leave you at the bottom of the ladder. Make friends with the people at the bottom and work together to get to the top.  Don't be these monkeys whose friendship and relationships and good will become tainted by the circumstances of the world.  Be the evolved version you're meant to be.  You are capable...start acting like it!  Change the world!

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