Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Cardboard Sign (that doesn't get negative attention)...

So a lot of people associate cardboard signs with negative images from their memory banks, whether valid or not.  Here's an example of someone taking a piece of cardboard and his time to make the world better, just because he felt like it.  What an AWESOME human being.  I bet he has some great stories to share and wonderful memories he can now associate with cardboard signs!

I love his reason behind this project per Upworthy:

"The basic idea behind this is for others to inspire kindness. Try to be kind to other creatures of this realm. If you see someone not having a good day, maybe go over and talk to them. You could end up making their life better by that one interaction. Try talking to people you may not normally associate with. Try to understand someone if they seem upset rather then getting upset back at them. Also understand that you are not the center of everything, look outward and see what others are going through, they might be dealing with a lot more and could use a little assistance."

Well done!  You rock!  Be the change!

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