Sunday, September 6, 2015

Revert to your Inner Child in Order to Grow

We often function as victims. We might not consider it victimization, but each time that we seek happiness or betterment from something other than ourselves, we have made ourselves victims. Imagine...if I go running in a competition and I am doing it for the medal, I've given away my own growth and compared it to the growth of others. If I am not running to make myself better and to get my best time then I am actually making myself privy to the outcome of myself in comparison with others. How can I possibly continue to grow if my growth is dependent on others? This video is an excellent reminder to grow from within. Seek your own goals and happiness based on what YOU are capable of doing or creating or being. The rest is icing on the cake.
Why People's Opinions of You Aren't Real

Why People's Opinions of You Aren't Real

Posted by Kyle Cease on Viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2015

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