Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stephen a new light

You may think you know (but you have no idea)...

Colbert: synonym for "funny, hilarious, comic" for some and I'm sure a few choice names for those who either think like his character on the Colbert report or who dislike his mocking of them with his satire.  This Colbert is just a character, though.  It doesn't matter if he agrees or not with what his character portrays or doesn't because, like all of us, before his character, he is actually (gasp) a human being, with a history and a struggle that no one knows about (unless they do...but even knowing part of the struggle that another person faces will never truly allow you to know the full truth of his or her suffering, or even, on the slip side, of his or her joy).

So before you see "Colbert" and decide if you're going to love or hate the recent article on him in GQ magazine (and before you judge the magazine that published the article), promise yourself that as a human being you owe it to yourself to ponder the world through a different perspective once in a while. Promise yourself you'll read the whole thing (because it's long). I promise that if you don't get anything out of the article, I won't mind if you stop reading my blog; because it probably means that either you didn't remove your judgement before reading as you promised're a "bot."

Now, take some time, or bookmark for later, the most recent Colbert report....with no lights, camera, action...just life, focus, positivity, and awe at the beauty of the world.

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