Thursday, April 9, 2015

What does a Pre-school Teacher Teach/Do?

Here's an answer from someone who knows best:

"People often ask me- what do you even teach at preschool? 

Where do I begin? 

Teaching them how to be little independent people 
eager to do things on their own, 

how to love each other, 
love themselves, 

how to try, 
how to be ok with failing, 
how to manage emotions, 

how to be resilient 

how to practice healthy habits, 
how to stay positive, 


to embrace their interests, 
how to be appreciative, 
and overall 
teaching them to love to learn. 

I could go on forever. 

A neat friend of mine once corrected me when I said that I 'had to work today', he said 'no, you get to work today.' I am just reflecting on how grateful I am to have a job I love and feel passionate about (even if the pay is not what I wish it could be). I get to teach ( and learn from) awesome children everyday! 

It's also pretty cool I get to be a part of them learning to write their own names!"

-Thanks to M.C. for sharing her experience

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