Friday, January 23, 2015

Participatory Witness Life

SO excited to be starting a new way of witnessing life in the upcoming weeks...

I killed a cactus once in my younger days but I've always dreamt of having a garden and growing my own food.  I wanted this so much, that I included it in my 30x30 list and since my days are numbered (literally, I'm using the T-Zero app on my phone) I decided today that it was time to get started.  I ordered 10 or 11 different seed types online along with 25 seed starters (because let's be honest, I haven't the slightest idea about soils and such...YET).  All of the seeds are vegetables and herbs, organic and definitely NO-GMOs...because seriously...messing with the DNA of natural things isn't smart.  I probably shouldn't have chosen plants that are as big as some of these in my little apartment, but you gotta' just start sometimes and see what happens...

Wish me luck!  
How are you witnessing and participating in life these days??

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