Monday, August 25, 2014


Sooo...a confession:

I race people. Every day.

I haven't lost yet.

They don't know I'm racing, so maybe it isn't fair.  But I race all the same. It gives me a focus. Something to strive for...and I'm just walking to and from work among the masses of NYC.  I joke with my family that I'm waiting for the Olympic speed-walking coach to discover me (no, really, though, if you want to check out my skills let me know)!

I think it's entertaining to are how fast I can push my body to move.  I even had a man stop me a few weeks ago to tell me I walk faster than everyone in NY (and if you've been here, and you secretly race people, you'll know this is a real accomplishment)!  My biggest pride about this, though, is that I'm rushing to give myself more life...less time walking means earlier at work which isn't great because of the work part but because it means I can then speed race HOME, out of the craziness and the rat race to a wagging tail and a consoling smile.  Secret-racing gives me more life!  It gives me energy and physical exercise that others avoid by standing in lines for escalators (that's the easiest way to win the race, by the way).  It makes me smile with delight at small accomplishments along my walk.  It gives me more time doing what I want instead of standing in lines.

What's your fun confession?!  Do you have anything that you don't tell people about that entertains you or that you do to make your life more positive?

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